What We Do

“You can trust our expertise to make a difference”


We offer a comprehensive range of services, taking into account a child’s circumstances, personality and aspirations as well as complying with clinical requirements and ensuring that we follow an evidence-based practice approach.

You can trust our expertise to make a difference. We will help your child to master skills in all areas of daily living. Just as importantly we will help them connect with others, be joyful and playful and support them to access learning opportunities.

Who do we help?

We have experience in helping children who are affected by (but are not limited to):

· Autistic spectrum disorders (ASD)
· Attention deficit disorder (ADD / ADHD)
· Developmental co-ordination disorders (DCD)
· Global developmental delay (GDD)
· Dyspraxia
· Dyslexia
· Speech and Language difficulties
· Sensory Integrative Dysfunction / Sensory Processing Disorder
· Adverse Childhood Experiences
· Emotional regulation difficulties
· Neurological disorders e.g. Cerebral Palsy and Stroke.
· Acquired / Traumatic Brain Injury
· Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID)
· Rare genetic conditions
· Orthopaedic conditions

How do we help?

· Sensory Integration (also known as Sensory Processing)
· Development of fine and gross motor skills
· Visual motor perception
· Hand Eye Co-ordination
· Independent Living
· Personal Activity skills eg. using the toilet, washing, grooming
· Domestic Activity skills eg. washing clothes, managing money
· Community and Social interests
· Feeding
· Handwriting
· Access to learning
· Seating and Postural Management

We help families with…

· Learning to play – encouraging them to use their imagination, take turns, share toys and play as a team member

·Taking care of themselves – get dressed, clean their teeth, use a knife and fork

·Access learning in nursery, schools and colleges – developing ideation to develop problem-solving skills, motor planning and learning to cope successfully with school demands.

·Developing fine motor control and co-ordinate upper and lower limb movements to support functional everyday activities such as sitting, dressing, writing, playing, riding a bike and joining in with games and PE

·Making sense of the world both from inside and outside their bodies to functionally perform to their best.

We help schools with…

· Delivering whole-school bespoke consultations and workshops:

· Working with teaching staff to consider the learning environment and how to introduce small adjustments to support students to improve attendance, engagement and participation

· Working with teaching staff to consider how to adapt practical demands in lessons to make sure that students with additional needs can be included in all activities

· Delivering personalised training packages to teachers and whole school staff supporting students with sensory and physical needs

· Connecting with local SENCOs at our regular breakfast meet-ups in our Grayshott studio

· Providing integrated packages where our therapists deliver in-class, individual or small-group, targeted student sessions on a regular basis at your school for half a day or a full day each week during term time.

We help case workers/solicitors with…

· Clinical Assessments at home, school and in clinic.

· Professional Reports for families, GPs and SEND tribunals

· Therapeutic treatments, tailored programmes and specialist advice for children and young people.

· Regular reviews to re-evaluate needs including liaison with family members and other professionals involved in care and treatment.

· Expert witness for SEND tribunal hearings