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“Our mission is to support children and young people as they face the unprecedented pressures and challenges of today’s fast-evolving world and to help parents to support their children to be the best and, most importantly, the happiest they can be.”

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Sensory integration is the essential process of integrating the multiple and changing sensations from the body and environment, at all times, each and every day, to make sense of the world while informing actions and the way we feel while interacting.

Ayres Sensory Integration is a play-based active approach where the studio is set up to facilitate and actively challenge a person’s sensory and motor systems and in doing so, the person develops adaptive responses that translates to improved independence, connection with others and learning.

A child's occupation is to grow, learn, do schoolwork, and play. Occupational therapy (OT) helps children who have a physical, sensory, or cognitive disability. It helps them do everyday things like eating, putting on shoes and socks, focusing on learning, writing, and playing with toys or other kids.

Occupational therapists create activities or find solutions that help kids find ways to do things that are hard for them.

Once your appointment is confirmed, we will send you some questionnaires to help us gather initial information and prepare for the assessment. The assessment itself will take between 60-90 minutes and include standardised assessments and clinical observations to understand the sensory and physical needs of the child or young person. At the assessment, or a separate time afterwards, we will speak again with parents/carers and teachers to gather further information to inform the assessment. When all of the information is in and analysed, we will provide a draft report of our findings and recommendations. This is then followed-up with a further discussion to plan the next steps and finalise the report.

Bespoke treatment packages are available in all specialities. These usually run for 6-12 weeks (dependent on the individual’s needs) either at school, home or in clinic. After treatment has finished, a consolidation period between sessions takes place to review progress and decide whether further intervention is required.

Specialised group treatment packages are available and usually run for 6-12 weeks dependent on the individual’s needs either at school, home or in clinic. Targeted group sessions provide opportunities for children and young people to join in therapeutic group sessions led by an occupational therapist

In addition, we also provide opportunities for parents and children to use our sensory integration studio to play together during the week. Sessions are facilitated by our therapy assistant.