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Why we are we different…

At TLC Space, everything we do is underpinned by a Heart, Mind, Body and Soul approach.


Understanding a child’s emotions is integral to unlocking their development. We support children and their support network to be emotionally regulated. Our experienced and compassionate team work hard to form a therapeutic relationship with every child so they will feel safe and happy to come and see us.


We always carefully consider each child’s developmental age to ensure that we connect with them in a way that they understand. We assess their language and communication skills and their learning abilities and then tailor our support accordingly so that each child is comfortable and happy in their activities while also embracing and mastering new skills.


Our assessments carefully evaluate each child’s sensory and motor skills. We are expert in sensory integration and highly experienced in working with children who have a variety of physical needs, including developmental coordination disorder, cerebral palsy and other neurodevelopmental difficulties. The assessments enable us to work closely with children, families and schools to focus on the best way to help each child thrive and manage all the everyday learning, play and other functional tasks they encounter.


The beliefs, values and culture of each child are integral elements of their uniqueness. Identifying these and tapping into them are the keys to engagement with the child. In this way, we understand what makes a child tick and what motivates them so that we can support them by applying our expert knowledge and skills to overcoming the barriers they face.

Our Approach

How is treatment carried out?

Bespoke treatment packages are available in all specialities. These usually run for 6-12 weeks (dependent on the individual’s needs) either at school, home or in clinic. After treatment has finished, a consolidation period between sessions takes place to review progress and decide whether further intervention is required.

Specialised group treatment packages are available and usually run for 6-12 weeks dependent on the individual’s needs either at school, home or in clinic. Targeted group sessions provide opportunities for children and young people to join in therapeutic group sessions led by an occupational therapist

In addition, we also provide opportunities for parents and children to use our sensory integration studio to play together during the week. Sessions are facilitated by our therapy assistant.

“We tailor our support accordingly so that each child is comfortable and happy in their activities while also embracing and mastering new skills”


Reviews From Clients


Our son has gone from refusing to attend any regular OT sessions for years, to being excited about having his weekly OT sessions at TLC Space. Our OT goes above and beyond to work with him. We can see the positive change and the benefit this is having on our child, and it carries through to all aspects of his life. As a parent, our OT is a joy to work with, collaborative, supportive, and always goes the extra mile putting the child first.
Marie (parent)

Brilliant tips

Another very helpful and informative session today! Christmas can be so difficult for some children and adults but hopefully it doesn't have to be quite so challenging. Brilliant tips received today. Lovely friendly therapists. Thank you 😉

Real Difference

Thank you TLC Space for your expertise and supporting our staff team to learn about sensory difficulties and how to easily implement strategies in lessons that make a real difference to the children. We all learned a lot from you.
Teacher from Hall Grove School