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“Our aim is to maximise the potential of every child and young person”

We work with children and young people (aged 0-24) and their families.



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Who We Are

Children’s Occupational Therapy

“We tailor our support accordingly so that each child is comfortable and happy in their activities while also embracing and mastering new skills”


Understanding a child’s emotions is integral to unlocking their development.


We always carefully consider each child’s developmental age to ensure that we connect with them in a way that they understand.


Our assessments carefully evaluate each child’s sensory and motor skills.


The beliefs, values and culture of each child are integral elements of their uniqueness.

Our Values

“You can trust our expertise to make a difference”

We have sensory integration studio spaces in Grayshott (Hampshire) and Bagshot (Surrey), and also work in schools and home settings in Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex.

We help to make it easier for children to experience, explore and develop in their everyday living – playing with friends, accessing learning, managing self-care and feeling comfortable out and about in the community.

TLC Space is, at its heart, multi-professional. We believe in a holistic approach. We work in close collaboration with each other and with teaching staff and parents to collectively maximise children’s participation and achievement in school and help them achieve their best occupational performance and quality of life.

Our goal is to maximise the potential of every child and young person. We want them to master the skills to help them manage demands in the short term while working to bring long-term improvement, engagement and participation in everyday activities.

We are specialists in understanding and supporting children who have sensory integration needs, fine motor and gross motor difficulties, handwriting problems and emotional needs. Our occupational therapy team is highly experienced in supporting children who are diagnosed, or present with, neurodevelopmental difficulties consistent with Autism, ADHD, Developmental Coordination Disorder and Cerebral Palsy.

Our clients include mainstream, specialist and independent schools, local authorities, NHS trusts, charities, case managers, solicitors, healthcare providers and individual families.

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